Volha Kavalchuk

Many years ago my mom decided to realize her dearest wish and sent her daughter to a music school and opened up a completely different world, which was very unlike our reality. After graduating from school I went to the College of Music and then to the Academy of Music to study Musicology (Theory and History of Music).

While singing and playing the piano or the guitar, I was always attracted to another apect of music, namely to musical history. Reading voluminous writings on the theory, history and philosophy of music, I traveled mentally across different countries, epochs, genres and styles and got acquainted with the greatest composers and with their immortal works. I could feel the spirit of the times in each of them. I think that only while doing a research work you begin to understand how deep, immense and exciting the world of music is.

Knowing the history of the creation of a piece, analyzing its form, harmony and the means of musical expression, you can not only comprehend the artistic idea of the composer, but also see the whole background epoch in true bright colors.

 I pay special attention to contemporary music and contemporary composers, forming new musical styles and genres nowadays. Relation to modern composers is equivocal at present, even among their own colleagues.

Of course, there are plenty of popular classical works on the concert stages of the world, but I would like to some more attention on experimental pieces by contemporary composers.